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C.L.E. Habano

C.L.E. Habano is a self-indulgent little gem that oozes an exciting collection of flavors that will stimulate your taste buds and soothe your soul. A medium to full-bodied smoke featuring a seamless Honduran Habano wrapper atop Honduran long-fillers. Highly enjoyable cigar, from first light to the last draw. 

C.L.E. Corojo

A bold and highly flavored, attention grabber, C.L.E. Corojo features a full-bodied profile and an abundance of intricate nuances. C.L.E. could easily be deemed the classic Corojo with zesty notes of earth, black pepper, oak, and roasted coffee – all of which are accompanied by a long and smooth finish. This beauty has earned a well-deserved 90-rating, noting, “Earthy coffee notes lead to a sweet vanilla finish on this well-made, even-burning cigar. It is rolled with a bulging middle, tapered foot and three-seam cap.” 

C.L.E. Connecticut

Christian Eiroa took a different approach with this medium-bodied beauty. Don’t be fooled, the master blender of full-bodied cigars delivers in spades.

Featuring a flawless Ecuador Connecticut wrapper, and full of aged Honduran long-fillers, each C.L.E. Connecticut produces hints of roasted nuts, cream, leather, and a pinch of spices.

C.L.E. Chele

Unlike other Connecticut blends, this one packs a punch. C.L.E. Chele is a medium bodied Connecticut wrapped gem, with Nicaraguan long-filler tobacco. It features an outstanding construction and consistency throughout the cigar.

Intriguing hints of leather bread, earth, and spice come through producing a nuanced, balanced flavor from tip to nub.

C.L.E. 25th Anniversary

C.L.E. 25th Anniversary is a celebration of our president and founder’s 25 years in the industry. This celebratory cigar incorporates Honduran tobacco for the filler, binder and wrapper. 


C.L.E. Azabache

C.L.E. Azabache is a full-bodied blend, named after a jet black gem regarded as a good luck charm in Honduras.

This beauty is brimming with long-fillers from Honduras, Peru, and Nicaragua, enveloped in a Maduro wrapper that is as dark as the gem its named after. Extraordinaire and complex highlighting coffee, leather, and spice nuances, this is one cigar that is a must try.

C.L.E. Signature Series

La serie Signature de CLE, fabricada en la fábrica hondureña de Las Lomas, presenta una mezcla ultrasecreta de tabacos de primera calidad. Notablemente vibrante y sabroso, sin dejar de ser aterciopelado y equilibrado. Con un perfil complejo, es una obra maestra sin puntos débiles y costuras casi invisibles.

C.L.E. Prieto

This box-pressed Nicaraguan cigar provides a strikingly, vibrant blend. While it’s sister blend C.L.E. “Chele” is slang for white, “Prieto” is slang for dark. Christian delivers on the name by implementing the first Broadleaf Maduro in any C.L.E. release.

C.L.E. Prieto is a pleasing medium to full-bodied blend with intricate coffee and chocolate notes fitting for fans of robust blends.
This cigar won a well-deserved 92-point rating, noting: “Powerful first puffs of this robusto show a strong earthy and coffee character that mellows a bit to a sweet and nutty smoke. The draw and burn are even.”